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Ecco una lista degli attuali standard per prodotti con obbligo TEC.

Per altre informazioni riguardanti la certificazione TEC, si prega di leggere il nostro opuscolo informativo gratuito “Certificazione TEC – L’Opuscolo“.


Name of the Product GR/IR/SR/Standard No
FTTX based Broadband Access Applications using GPON technology with Mini-OLT TEC/GR /FA/PON-002/02/ NOV- 2018
GD Tubes for Internal and External use G/PTN-01/ 03. SEP 2001
Sealant Tape-with amendment GR/CJM-08/03. FEB 2004
Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) Power Supply for fixed wirelless terminals and similar systems TEC/GR/FA/SPV-02/04.MAR 2016
Wooden Cable Drum for Telecom Cables G/CBD-01/ 02.NOV 94 (RA March 2004)
Lead Sleeves For Cable Joints G/CJM-29/ 03. JUL 2002
Thermo weld Sleeve, Closure channel, Branch-off clip & Rubberspacer (for Thermo weld jointing Kits for Unpressurised Cables) GR/CJM-17/ 03. MAY 2005
SMPS Based Power Plants TEC/GR/FA/SMP-001/07 MAR 2017
Cable Route Tracer (With Amendment No.1 dated 29.09.2000) G/TIE-01/ 02.OCT 99
Foam-skin Polythene Insulated, fully filled, Polythene Sheathed,Underground Telecom Cables G/CUG-03/ 02.MAY 96
Cable Duct Lubricant GR/CDS-01/ 02. AUG 2003
Inverters Systems (1 To 48KVA) GR/INV-01/04 MAY 2005
Solar Photo Voltaic Power Supply for Telecom equipments TEC/GR/FA/SPV-003/04 JAN 2017
FRP/Polycarbonate Pole mounted Bracket for 5/10/20 Pair External DP G/CTN-12/ 02.MAR 2000
Digital Cross-talk and attenuation tester G/TIE-04/ 02.FEB 2003
Silica Gel G/CJM-11/ 02.AUG 98(Re-affirmed in march 2004)
Optical splitter for PON technology TEC/GR/TX/OPT-001/01/APR-2012
Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) System TEC/GR/FA/UPS-001/05 / MAR 2019
Measurement Metrics and Measurement Methodology for Router and Switches for Green Passport TEC/GL/TX/GT-001/01.MAR.2015
Splitterless ADSL COT equipment G/ADS -01/01. APR 2000
Aluminium Canisters for Thermoshrink joints GR/CJM-02/03.FEB2004
FTTH/FTTB/FTTC Broadband Access Applications using GPON Technology with amendment dated 28.6.2017 TEC/GR/FA/PON-01/03.MAR 2017
Adhesive Aluminum foil G/CJM-14/ 02.MAY 99 (Re-affirmed in march 2004)
Jointing Kits for Press Cables (TSP) G/CJM-22/ 01.AUG 93
Cadmium-Copper PVC drop wire G/WIR-05/ 02. NOV 2001
GR for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 2 Plus (ADSL 2+) System for Central Office and Remote Office Applications TEC/GR/FA/ADS-06/02.JAN 2018
Thermo shrink sleeve, Closure channel & Branch- off clip (for ThermoShrink Jointing Kits for Unpressurised cables)-with amendment No.1 dated 21.11.2011 GR/CJM-01/04 JUNE 2010
Modified Blow Lamp for Thermoshrinking Operation G/CJM-25/ 02.NOV 94
Solar Photo Voltaic based Standalon/Hybrid Power Supply for Wi-Fi Terminals and other Similar Terminals TEC/GR/TX/HPS-001/01 MAR 2017
Tester for Gas Discharge Tube (GD Tube) & Positive TemperatureCoefficient (PTC) Thermistor GR/TIE-12/01. APR 2002
Distribution Point (DP) Box for Internal & External use WithAmendment No.1dated 01.05.06 GR/CTN-10/ 03.JUN 2005
Lightening for surge protection of telecom site. TEC/GR/FA/LSP-01/02 JUN 2017
New Type of Drop Wire Accessories G/WIR-01/ 02. JUN 99
Cable Roller Block G/CIM-02/ 02.FEB 97
G.Fast equipments TEC/GR/FA/GFA-001/01 MAR 2019
Crimping Tool for Discrete Connector G/CJM-24/ 03.JAN 2003
Self-supporting PVC Drop Wire with Fibre Glass Roving as strength member G/WIR-03/ 03. AUG 2006
FRP Containers for Batteries (Cap. 4000 to 10000AH) G/FRP-01/01 JAN 97
Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries TEC/GR/TX/BAT-003/02 MAR 2011
Single Pair High Bit Rate Digital Subscriber Line (SHDSL) System GR/DSL-03/01 JUN 2003
Monitoring of VRLA batteries Guidelines TEC/GL/TX/BAT-04/03 MAR 2014
Aluminium Canister for Thermoweld Joints G/CJM-18/ 02.APR 98
xDSL main Distribution Frame (xDSL MDF) for DSLAM equipment with xDSL MDF splitter block and xDSL POT splitter TEC/GR /TX/CTN-04/01/Feb 2013
Jointing Kits for Pressurised Cables (ALSS & WRST) G/CJM-21/01. AUG 93
Main Distribution Frame & protection Arrangement For 128/256 PortsRural Automatic Exchanges With Amendment No.1 G/CTN-02/ 04.AUG 2001
Adhesive PVC Tape-with amendment GR/CJM-06/03.FEB 2004
12 V Switch mode power supply (SMPS) for CDMA FWTS &SIMILAR Systems TEC/GR/FA/SMP-02/03 JUN 2017
Reinforced Thermo shrink sleeve, Closure channel &Branch- off clip(for reinforced Thermo shrink jointing kits for unpressurised Cables) G/CJM-33/ 01.JUN 99
Microprocessor Based Gas Pressure Alarm Panel G/CPS-02/ 01.FEB 93
Plumber Metal G/CJM-28/ 03. JUL2002
Centralised Control and Monitoring System for Power Plants andAssociated Equipments GR/CCM-01/01 NOV 2004
10 Gigabit Passive Optical Network(XG-PON) Technology for FTTx based Broadband Applications TEC/GR/FA/XGA–001/02/NOV-2018
Cable Cleaning Liquid GR/CJM-05/ 04.JUNE 2010
Protector Box (Outdoor type) tomount G.D.tubes G/CTN-16/02 APR 95
PVC Insulated Galvanised mild Steel Wire G/WIR-08/ 03. JUL 2002
Copper Pair Tester for Digital Subscriber (XDSL) working GR/DSA-01/02 JAN 2006
Positive Temperature coefficient (PTC) Thermistor G/PTN-05/ 01.OCT 97 (Re-affirmed in march 2004)
Cable, House wiring PVC (Tinned copper conductor insulated, taped &PVC Sheathed) TEC/GR/TX/WIR-009/05/MAR-2011
Cable Warning Tape G/CIM-03/01. SEP 2000
Mole skin (Wiping Cloth) G/CJM-32/ 02.MAY 97
100 mA Anti Surge fuse GR/PTN-02/02. MAR 2003
Asymmetrical Line (ADSL) Test Set GR/DSA-02/02 JAN 2006
Cleaning Tissue G/CJM-10/ 02.AUG 98
Electronic Locator System TEC/GR/TX/TIE-07/02 MAR 14
Power Meter (DC,0.5Hz to 100 KHz Single Phase) TEC/GR/TX/PM-001/01/AUG.2015
Copper clad steel conductor PVC drop wire G/WIR-16/ 01.FEB 2000
Optical Multi Services Access Network (OMSAN) GR/BLC-01/01 SEP 2003
Double Wallled Corrugated (DWC) HDPE Duct GR/DWC-34/01-Sept.2007
Water blocking powder G/CJM-13/ 02.MAY 99 (Re-affirmed in march 2004)
Precision Manometer for use in Cable Pressurization of P&T Cables G/CPS-04/ 01.OCT 83
Complete Main Distribution Frame for Automatic Exchange for 512ports & above )With Amendment No.1, amendment No.2 & Amendment No.3/with amendment no.1dated 08.02.06 GR/CTN-01/04 MAY 2005
1/10/16 Pairs Screened PCM cable for Digital equipment wiring to work up to 2 M bits/sec. G/WIR-04/02 NOV 2001
100 pair Cable Terminal Block with accessories to be mounted incabinets & pillars with Accessories GR/CTN-03/03 .MAR 2004
FTTH/FTTB/FTTC Broadband AccessApplications Using EPON Technology TEC/GR/FLA/EPON-01/April.2009
Collapsible Steel Drums for Telecom Cables G/CBD-02/ 01.FEB 94(Re-affirmed in March 2004)
Lithium Ion Battery for Telecom Applications TEC/GR/TX/LIB-001/01 MAR 2016
Fibre Glass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) CD cabinet Casings forMounting IDC Type Cable Terminal Blocks GR/CTN-31/01. SEP 2002
GR for New Type DP Boxes for External use With AmendmentNo.1dated 01.05.06 GR/CTN-09/ 02.JUN 2005
Micro duct for FTTH Applications with amendment dated 19.4.2011 GR/MDS-01/01 Feb. 2010
Portable Cable Fault Locator (With Amendment Nos.1 & 2 dated12.02.2002 & 27.06.2002) G/TIE-02/ 02.JUL 99
Wheels and Axles for Cable Drums G/CIM-01/ 02.FEB 97
10 Gigabit Symmetric Passive Optical Network(XG-PON) Technology for FTTx based Broadband Applications TEC/GR/FA/XGS-001/01 OCT 2018
Cable Duct Sealing System GR/CDS-02/ 03. SEP 2003
Digital Cable Fault Locator for Low Insulation Faults, contact and open. GR/TIE-05/ 03. JUL 2006
Preset wires for Jointing G.I. Wires G/WIR-12/ 02.MAR 97
Value Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries for high rate of discharge(UPS) application with amendment dated 24.7.2012 TEC/GR/TX/BAT-001/04 Jan 2011
Mini Pillar cum Joint Box G/CTN-29/ 01.JAN 2000
House Wire PVC Twin (Tinned Copper conductor Double D Type) G/WIR-07/ 03. JUL 2003
Micro crystalline Wax G/CJM-12/ 02.AUG 98 (Re-affirmed in march 2004)
Splitterless ADSL Modem G/ADS – 02/01. APR 2000
VRLA batteries for high rate of discharge (UPS) application TEC/GR/TX/BAT-02/03 DEC 2013
Sheath Connector Assembly GR/CJM-03/03. FEB 2004
Transient Safety Device (8 Pair Protector Module for use on back side of Mother Board of C-Dot Exchange) GR/PTN-33/01. JUN 2008
20 Pair Modular connectors and Crimping Tools & accessories G/CJM-16/ 02.DEC 99
Low Power Halide Leak Detector G/CPS-01/ 01.FEB 93
Spacers for Ducts GR/CDS-04/ 02. NOV 2002
12V DC-DC Power Supply unit with built-in 12V/7AHBattery for CDMA FWTs GR/DCC-01/01 AUG 2004
Splice filling compound GR/CJM-04/04. JUNE 2010
Air Flow Meters to be used for Cable Pressurization G/CPS-03/ 02.MAR 95
Wavelength Division Multiplexing Passive Optical Network (WDM-PDN) Technology for FTTx based Broadband TEC/GR/FA/WDM-PON-001/01 MAR 2017
Cable Switch Board (Screened & Unscreened) G/WIR-06/ 03. MAR 2002
Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL &VDSL2) Equipment COT and RT Applications TEC/GR/FA/DSL-04/02.JAN 2018
Permanently lubricated HDPE telecom Ducts for use as undergroundoptical fibre cable conduits TEC/GR/TX/CDS-008/03/MAR-11
ADSL Modem (Remote Terminal) Amendment No1 Dated 04/07/2K G/ANE-05/01 Sept 1999
Discrete Wire Connectors G/CJM-15/ 02.NOV 97
Solid Polythene Insulated, fully filled, Polythene Sheathed,Underground Telecom Cables (5 Pairs/ 0.50mm PIJF UnarmouredUnderground Telecom Cables) GR No. G/CUG-02/ 01.JUN 98 G/CUG-01/ 03. AUG 2003
Jumper Wire PVC with amendment dated 8.5.2009 G/WIR-10/ 03. SEP 2006
Adhesive Polyster tape G/CJM-07/ 02. AUG 98
Planning & Maintenance Guidelines for SPV Power Supply TEC/GL/TX/SPV-05/02/MAR.2015
Planning & Maintenance Guidelines for Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Based Power Plant TEC/GL/TX/SMP-03/03/MAR.2015
CD Cabinets for mounting IDC type C.T. Blocks with amendment no.1dated 30.08.05and amendment no. 2 dated 03.02.05 G/CTN-30/03 JAN 2000
STM-1 Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) for accessnetwork application TEC/GR/FA/SDH-13/02 JUL 2015
Cable Pulling eye and cup container G/CDS-06/ 03.JUN 2007
Emery strip G/CJM-09/ 02.MAY 99
BSNL/MTNL N/W & Private Broadband Network IR/ADS-03/01 JUL 2003
ADSL2+ TEC/IR/ADS-001/02/MAR.2015
Fault Repair Services GR/FRS-01/03.FEB 02
ISP (Internet Service Provider) Applications TEC/GR/I/ISA – 001/02 MARCH.2012
Primary Reference Clock cesieum frequency standards TEC/GR/SW/SYN-003/03/JAN2011
Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Grandmaster Clock TEC/GR/TX/PTP-002/01/MAR-12
Cable Record Purification System GR/CRP – 01/02.JUN02
IPLC Traffic Lawful Interception and Monitoring System GR/IPL – 01/01JUL07
Audio Streaming TEC/GR/AST – 001/01/MAR – 2009
Web Cache System GR/WCE – 01/03. JUL 06
Network Function Virtualisation infrastructure(NFVI) and Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) TEC/GR/IT/NFV-001/01/MAR-18
VoIP Traffic Generator and Protocol/Performance Analyser TEC/GR/TI/DCI-001/04/MAR-17
SDN Controller and addition requirements of LAN Switches Carrier Ethernet Switched and Router for SDN TEC/GR/IT/SDN-001/01 MAR 2016
Electronic Commerce TEC/GR/IT ECM – 01/03 MAR 2011
Managed Leased Data Network GR/PDN – 11/04.JUL2004
Optical Router TEC/GR/SA/DCA-22/03 MARCH.2011
MPLS PerformanceAnalyser GR/DCS – 10/02.FEB 07
High Speed Internet Leased – line Access Line Doubler (HILALD) GR/DCS – 13/02 NOV 2006
Router for MPLS Based Transport Network TEC/GR/IT/TCP-004/01.FEB2014
Computerized Directory Enquiry System GR/CDE-01/02 MAR 02
Firewall System TEC/GR/IT/FWS – 001/04. MAR.2014
Integrated System TEC/GR/IT/SRV-002/01 MAR 2016
Ethernet to E1 Converter TEC/GR/IT/DCA – 023/03 MARCH.2018
Standalone Synchronous Equipment GR/SYN-02/02.MAY 2003
Provider Backbone Bridge/ Provider Backbone Bridge –Traffic Engineering (PBB/PBB-TE) Based Carrier Ethernet Networks (CEN) for Access Network Applications. GR/CEN-01/01.OCT.2009
Portable E1 – Analyser for NIB GR /EAN – 01/03.DEC04
Unified Threat Management TEC/GR/IT/UTM-010/02 MAR-18
Internet Data Centre TEC/GR/SA/IDC – 001/02 MAR 2010
Network Management System (NMS) TEC/GR/IT/NMS-003/01 NOV 2015
Narrowband Remote Access Servers TEC/GR/IT/RAS – 002/02.APRIL.2009
Tester for measurement of Digital parameters of low speed data circuits G/DCA – 05/03 FEB 2003
Thin Client GR/THC-01/03. APR07
BGP/MPLS Virtual Private Network TEC/GR/I/VPN – 001/03.MAR.2012
Digital Service Unit/Channel Service Unit “DSU/CSU” GR/DCA – 15/02 JUL 2004
Set Top Box for Content Services in IP Network TEC/GR/IT/STB – 001/03 MAR 2014
Network Timing Protocol Server TEC/GR/IT/NTS-001/02/MAR-19
Telephone Billing & Accounting System GR/TRA – 01/01. JUN02
Intrusion Prevention System TEC/GR/IT/IPS-001/03/SEP-18
Video Streaming Platform TEC/GR/VST – 001/01/MAR – 2009
MPLS-TP based Carrier Ethernet Switch for Aggregation and Access Network Applications TEC/GR/IT/CEN-004/03/MAR-17
National Internet Backbone G/NIB – 01/01.FEB98.
Voice Quality Analyser GR/DCS – 12/02.MARCH.2007
Video Ring back Tone TEC/GR/SA/VRT – 001/01/MAR – 10
Relational Database Management System for Telecom Applications TEC/GR/IT/RDB-001/01/MAR 2015
Structured LAN Cabling GR/SLC – 01/02.AUG 05
2048 Kbps High speed line Driver TEC/GR/I/DCA – 014/04 OCT 2012
Broad Band Remote Access Server TEC/GR/I/RAS – 003/03.MAR.2012
ADSL Based Broadband Network TEC/GR/I/PDN – 012/02 MARCH.2012
MPLS SDN Router TEC/GR/IT/TCP-006/01/AUG-16
Cloud Infrastructure TEC/GR/I/CLI-001/01 OCT 2012
Data Storage Infrastructure TEC/GR/IT/DSI – 001/04.DEC.2015
Layer 4-7 Load Balancer Switch TEC/GR/IT/LSW – 002/03 MAR 2015
Digital Network Synchronization Equipment TEC/GR/SW/SYN-001/01/OCT2012
Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Slave Clock TEC/GR/TX/PTP-003/01/MAR-12
eMS for NGN TEC/GR/IT/NMS-001/02 AUG 2016
Digital Data Distribution Frame GR/PDN – 01/03 OCT 2001
Cable Record Management System GR/CRM-01/02 JUL 2002
High Speed Data Circuits Tester GR/DCA – 04/04 SEP2005
Broadband Access on Cable TV Architecture TEC/GR/I/CAB – 001/02.MAR.2012
Integrated Gateway Router TEC/GR/IT/TCP-005/01. MAR 2014
64 Kbps Data Card in 2.048 Mbps First Order Multiplexer. GR/DCA – 13/03.DEC2002
Server TEC/GR/IT/SRV-001/02/MAR-18
MPLS Protocol Analyser GR/DCS – 11/02.FEB 07
Content Delivery Network TEC/GR/IT/CDN – 01/03. MAR 2014
Commercial service system GR/CSS – 01/03.JAN.02
Intrusion Detection System for IP Network Security. TEC/GR/IT/IDS-001/04/SEP-18
Video Gateway System TEC/GR/VGW – 001/01/MAR – 2009
Provider Backbone Bridge/ Provider Backbone Bridge –Traffic Engineering (PBB/PBB-TE) Based Carrier Ethernet Networks (CEN) for Metro Aggregation Network Applications. GR/CEN-02/01.OCT.2009
Interactive Voice Response System. TEC/GR/IT/IVR-001/06/MAR-2017
Internet Exchange Point (IXP) TEC/GR/SA/IXP – 001/03.MAR 2009
Video Surveillance Platform TEC/GR/SA/VSP – 001/01/MAR – 10
Local Area Network Switch TEC/GR/IT/LSW – 001/05.MAR.2014
Generic Requirement of 64 Kbps line drivers for use on subscriber loop.Amendment No. 1 issued on dt 01.11.2004 G/DCA – 12/05.OCT.2006
Call Centre TEC/GR/IT/CLC-001/04/AUG-16
Ethernet Electrical to Optical media Converter TEC/ GR/ IT/ EOC – 001/0 4 SEP 2014
Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) TEC/GR/I/DCA – 021/02 MARCH.2012
Remote Access Server (RAS) TEC/IR/IT/RAS-001/05 FEB 2013
High Speed Line Drivers. TEC/IR/IT/DCA-118/06/MAR-17
Ethernet Electrical to Optical media Converter TEC/IR/IT/EOC-002/01 SEP 2014
Customer Premises Equipment for MPLS Network TEC/IR/IT/ CPE – 003/02 MAR 2014
Set Top Box for Content Delivery Services in IP Network TEC/IR/IT/STB-002/02 SEP 2014
Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) TEC/IR/IT/IVR-102/05/JAN-18
Routers TEC/IR/IT/TCP-001/05.MAR.2014
LAN Switch TEC/IR/IT/LSW-003/01 SEP 2014
Firewall System TEC/IR/IT/FWS-002/01 SEP 2014
Technical Requirements for International Gateway Connectivity. S/IGW – 01/01. JAN01
IPv6 Conformance and interoperability SD/IPV6 – 001/01 MARCH.2011
Data Dictionary SD/SDD-01/01 MAR 02
Element Management System TEC/SD/IT/EMT-001/01/MAR 2016
ISP Traffic Legal Intercept and Monitoring System SD/IMC – 01/01. MAR 04
IP based Interconnection between Service Providers Networks TEC/SD/IT/IPI-001/01 NOV 2015
Audio Conferencing TEC/SR/SA/ACS – 001/01/MAR – 2009
Time Synchronization TEC/SR/IT/TSS-211/02/MAR-19
Digital wireless Access System with internet Access with Amendment No. 1 dated 16.06.2003 G/WLL-03/02.JUN2001
Base Station Sub-system of IMPCS GR/BSS-01/01.MAR 2004
GR of Optical Repeater for CDMA 2000 Network GR/OPR-01/01.MAY 2005
Universal Subscriber Identity Module (USIM) GR/WS/USIM-001/03.FEB 2015
GR on Post Processing Tool for CDMA 2000 Network GR/TST-04/01.JUN 2006
Code Division Multiple Access Based Cellular Mobile Telecommunication System (Errata dated 21/09/2000) GR/CDM-03/01.FEB2000
GR of MMSC for CDMA 2000 Network GR/MMS-02/01.OCT2005
OTA for GSM , WCDMA network GR/OTA-02/01, JUL 07
Location Based Applications & Services GR/LBA-01/01.MAR 2004
GR on Drive Test Tool for CDMA 2000 Network GR/TST-03/01.JUN 2006
3G Data Card GR/WS/3GD001/01 MARCH 2011
MSC based Core network for CDMA 2000 1x system x system GR/MSC-01/01.FEB 2004
Network Switching Sub-system of IMPCS GR/NSS-01/01.MAR 2004
CDMA 2000 1x Ev-DO Card GR/RST-03/01.SEP 2004
Short Message Service Cell TEC/GR/WS/CBC-001/02/MAR-06
Supply Chain Manangement for Subscriber Indentity Module and Prepaid Scratch GR/SCM-01/01.APR2005
BTS & Node B Tester for GSM, GPRS, EDGE and WCDMA Networks GR/BTT-01/01.MAR 2007
Protocol Analyser for CDMA 2000 Network GR/TST-02/01 JUN 2005
Intelligent Peripheral-Specialised Resource Point (IP-SRP) GR/SRP-01/01.SEP2005
GR on Radio Network Planning Tools for CDMA 2000 1x &Ev-DO GR/RPT-02/01.APR 2007
General Packet Radio Service GR/GPR-01/01.MAR2002
GR for Mediation Equipment and CDMA 2000 networks sub-systems for Lawful Interception GR/LIS-03/01.MAY 2006
Post Processing Tool for GSM, GPRS, EDGE and WCDMA Networks GR NO. GR/WS/PPT- 001/01.MAR2009
Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) GR/MMS-01/01.OCT2003
Lawful Interception of Mobile (GSM/CDMA/UMTS/EPS) Network GR/WS/LIS-003/01 MARCH 2011
Voucher Management and Roaming Recharge Service for Mobile Networks GR/VOM-01/01.FEB 2006
CDMA RF Repeater GR/RFR-01/01.FEB 2004
WiMAX CPE Indoor TEC/GR/WS/WMX-001/01/FEB-11
Prepaid Scratch Cards GR/GR/PSC-01/02.FEB2008
WIN for CDMA 2000 Network GR/WIN-01/01.FEB 2005
GSM Subscreber Identity Module (SIM) Card (16KB) GR/SIM-02/01.OCT2004
Short Message Service-Cell Broadcast TEC/GR/WS/CBC-001/03 JAN 2015
UMS Systems for CDMA 2000 Network GR/UMS-02/01.JUN 2005
Universal MobileTelecommunication System Terrestrial Radio Access Network GR/WS/UTR-001/02.MARCH 2011
CDMA2000 1x EV-DO Rev. A Access Network TEC/GR/WS/EDO-001/02 /MAR-09
Intelligent Network System and Service description for GSM and WCDMA Networks GR/ING-01/02.MAY2007
Small Size GSM Radio Sub System GR/WS/BSS-002/01.DEC 2009
User Equipment for WCDMA (3G) GR/MSG-02/01.FEB 2006
Location Based Information System GR/WS/LBS-001/02 MAR 2012
CDMA 2000 1x Ev-DO system GR/EDO-01/01.JUN 2004
Universal Subscriber Identity Module USIM TEC/GR/WS/SIM-003/02/JAN-10
Radio Network Planning Tool for GSM and WCDMA GR/RPT-01/01.MAR2007
Radio Network (Base Station Controller & Base Transceiver Station) of WLL Systems based on cdma 2000 1X standards GR/WLL-04/01.OCT 2003
BTS Tester for CDMA 2000 Network Amendment No.1 dated 27.02.2007 GR/TST-01/01.JUN 2005
Short Message Service GR/SMS-01/02.MAR2006
GR on Enhanced Digital Wireless Access System with Broadband Internet System GR/WLL-05/01.SEP 2006
Global Maritime Disaster System GR/GMD-01/02.MAR2005
GR of R-UIM for CDMA 2000 Network GR/UIM-01/01.OCT 2005
Drive Test Tool for GSM, GPRS, EDGE and WCDMA Networks GR NO. GR/WS/DTG-001/01. MAR2009
Lawful Interception System for GSM Network GR/LIS-02/01.MAR 2004
WCDMA Repeaters GR/WS/RTG-001/01 MARCH 2011
Packet Core Network for CDMA 2000 1x system GR/PCN-01/01.FEB 2004
India Mobile Personnel Communication System GR/PCS-01/02.JUL99
OTA for CDMA 2000 Network GR/OTA-01/01.JAN 2005
Global Maritime Distress and Safety System GMDSS TEC/GR/WS/GMD-001/02/MAY-05
Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) GR//WS/SIM-001/04.NOV 2015
SMSC for CDMA 2000 Network GR/SMS-05/01.JUN 2005
Universal MobileTelecommunication – Core Network (Release 7) GR/WS/UCN-001/02.MAR 2012
General Packet Radio Services for GSM, GERAN and UMTS GR/GPR-02/01.MAR2006
GR on location Based Services/Systems for CDMA 2000 Networks GR/LBS-02/01JUN 2006
Long Term Evolution (LTE) & Evolved Packet Core (EPC) GR No. GR/WS/LTE-001/01 MARCH 2011
GSM Mobile Stations & Fixed Cellular Terminals GR/MSG-01/02.MAR 2004
IP Multimedia System (IMS) GR/WS/IMS-001/01 MARCH 2012
CDMA 2000 1x Remote Stations GR/RST-01/01.JUN 2004
WiMAX CPE Outdoor TEC/GR/WS/WMX-002/01/FEB-11
GSM RF Repeaters and Distributed Antenna System GR/RDA-01/01.MAY2005
Interface Requirement for User Equipment / Handset based on WCDMA/HSPA TEC/IR/WS/WCD-001/01 FEB 2013
UICC based ISIM including USIM TEC/IR/WS/ISM-101/01/NOV-15
Universal Subscriber Identity Module USIM TEC/IR/WS/USM-101/01/FEB-15
IR on CDMA Data Card TEC/IR/WS/EDC-001/01 DEC 2013
CDMA 2000 1x Ev-DO Card IR/RST-04/01.SEP 2004
Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) TEC/IR/WS/SIM-001/01.FEB 2015
Interface Requirement for Mobile Station/ Handset based on GSM/GPRS/EGPRS TEC/M/IR/GSM-001/01 FEB 2013
Embedded Subscriber Identity Module(ESIM) TEC/IR/WS/ESM-101/01/MAR-19
IR on 3 G Data Card TEC/IR/WS/3GD-001/01 DEC 2013
Interface Requirement for Mobile Station/ Handset based on CDMA 2000 TEC/IR/WS/CDM -001/01 FEB 2013
Subscriber Identity Module TEC/IR/WS/SIM-101/01/FEB-15
Universal Subscriber Identity Module (USIM) TEC/IR/WS/USIM-001/01.FEB 2015
CDMA 2000 1x Remote Stations IR/RST-02/01 AUG 2004
UICC based ISIM (Including USIM) TEC/IR/WS/USIMLTE-001/01.NOV 2015
Video Tex Service V/VTS-01/02.SEP94
Audiotex Service SR/ATS-01/02.MAY 2003
Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Network SR/WAP-01/02.APR2007
Video Conferencing Service SR/VCS-01/03.JAN2003
Voice Mail Service SR/VMS-01/03.MAY2003
Videotext Services TEC/SR/WS/VTS-001/02/AUG-94
Electronic Mail Service SR/EML-01/03.APR2003
Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Services SR/WPS-01/01.MAR2002
NSD/ISD Payphone GR/PCO-09/02. NOV 2005
V.90 Modem (a digital modem and analogue modem pair for use on the PSTN at data signaling rates of up to 56000 bps downstream and up to 33600 bps upstream) GR/MOD-07/02. APR 2004
Generic Requirements of an Integrated Broadband System for Delivery of Digital Services in Rural Areas TEC/GR/FN/IRB-001/01/ MAR-17
Mini Line Jack Unit GR/LJU-04/01 MAR 2002
Electronic Telephone Instrument TEC/GR/CP/TEL-002/06 SEP -17
Cordless Telephone TEC/GR/TCL-002/03 SEP 2013
Executive Telephone System GR/ETS-01/02AUG.2004
16 KHz Metering Pulse Analyzer GR/MPA-01/02. APR 2003
Multi Line Telephone System GR/MTS-01/01 JUL 2000
V.92 Modem GR/MOD-11/02 MAY 2005
Line Jack Unit with provision of parallel extension GR/LJU-03/02 AUG 2004
Executive Telephone System(1+2) GR/ETS-02/01 SEP 2002
Buttinski Telephone Handset GR/BUT-01/03. MAR2006
IN PCO GR/PCO-13/01.JUL 2005
Coin Box Telephones GR/PCO-08/03. JUN 2004
Line Jack Unit (LJU) GR/LJU-01/06 AUG 2004
Telephone Line Tester GR/TLT-01/01. OCT2003
NSD/ISD Payphone IR/PCO-10/02 NOV 2005
V.90 Modem TEC/IR/TX/MOD-08/03.MAR 15
2-Line Feature Phone IR/TEL-04/02. JAN 2003
Multi Line Telephone System TEC/IR/TX/MTS-002/02.MAY 2016
Charge Indicator for PCO operation IR/CHI-02/04 SEP 2007
Terminals for connecting to PSTN TEC/IR/TX/PST-01/02.MAR 2015
Extension Line Jack Unit (ELJU) IR/LJU-02/02 .APR 2003
Cordless Telephone TEC/IR/TCL-001/04 SEP 2012
Executive Telephone System TEC/IR/TX/ETS-003/02 MAY 2016
Coin Box Telephone IR/PCO-01/03. FEB 2008
V.92 Modem TEC/IR/TX/MOD-001/03 MAR 2015
Audio Conference Facility Device TEC/IR/CON-001/03.MAY 2016
Electronic Telephone Instrument TEC/IR/TX/TEL-001/04. MAR 2015
CLIP Phone TEC/IR/TEL/008/01/DEC.-11
Point of Sales(POS) terminal with PSTN/CDMA/ GSM/GPRS interface TEC/IR/TX/POS-001/05. MAY 2016
Key Telephone Systems IR/KTS-01/02. APR 2003
Coupling Hearing Aids to Telephone Sets IR/TEL-08/02. OCT 2003
Attachments to the Telephone IR/ATC-01/03.AUG 2004
Voice Band Data Modem (V.21 to V.34) IR/MOD-03/03. OCT 2003
Group 3 FAX Machine/Card TEC/IR/TX/FAX-01/05. MAR 2015
Coin Box Telephone (Table Top interface) IR/PCO-02/03.DEC.2008
Alphabets on Keypad SD/AKP-01/01.AUG 2003
Subscribers End Equipment (SEE) Connected To 2-W Cable Plant S/INT-2W/02.MAY 2001
Accessories of Antennas, Feeders and Wave Guides(Amendment No. 1Dated: 09/07/2004) GR/ACC-14/02.JUNE2003
50 W/100W C-band Satellite RF Transceivers (RFTs) TEC/GR/TX/RFT-002/01.MAR- 09
Local Multipoint Distribution system in 10.5 GHz Frequency band TEC/GR/R/LMDS-001/03.MAR 2016
WAN Optimization for Satellite Network TEC/TX/GR/WAN-001/01 NOV 14
15 GHz High Performance Antenna TEC/GR/PI/ANT-019/03/NOV- 09
RF Fixed Attenuator(DC- 40 GHz) GR/TIT-18/02. FEB 2006
Broadband Wireless Access System TEC/GR/WS/BWA-001/02/MAR-11
40 Meter Narrow Base Light Weight Tower GR/TWR-04/01.DEC2000
SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) Measurement System for wireless communication devices used in close proximity to the human body (frequency range of 30MHz to 6 GHz)) TEC/GR/RS/SAR-002/01/JUL 17
Intermediate Data Rate Equipment (IDR) operating in C band GR/IDR-01 /04.NOV 2006
13 GHz, 34 /16 x 2 Mbps Microwave EquipmentDated: 15/06/2004)(Amendment No. 1 GR/DMW-08/02.Jan2003
Synthesized Signal Generator(1GHz-40GHz) GR/TIT-22/02.MAY 2007
3.8m Earth Station Antenna operating in Ku Band GR/SAN-18/01.MAY 2008
20 Meter Guyed Wire Supporting Mast for Cellular Mobile System TEC/GR/PI/MST-013/01 AUG-2015
Roof Top Tower for CellularMobileSystems ( 30/25/20/15/10 M Tower ) GR/TWR- 09/01.FEB2004
Frequency Counter(10 Hz to 18 GHz) TEC/GR/TX/FC-002/04 .MAR2010
RF Monitoring System for continuous measurement of electromagnetic radiation TEC/TX/GR/RMS-001/01.SEP- 11
7 GHz Wave Guide(Amendment No. 1Dated: 09/07/2004) to be deleted TEC/GR/TX/FDR- 02/05.JAN 2011
1m/1.2m/1.8m/2.4m VSAT Antenna operating in Ku band. TEC/TX/GR/SAN-013/03/MAR- 09
Bandwidth Saving Satellite if Modem for C Band TEC/ GR/TX/BSM- 01/01.OCT.2009
40 meter tower for cellular system (up to170 km ph wind speed Amendment No.1Dated 9.5.2006 GR/TWR-12/01. JUN 2005
Radio Access System for Broadband Application in 3.3-3.4 GHz band. TEC/GR/R/RAS/001/01. MAR 2015
Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment (DCME) with20:1 gain TEC/TX/ GR/DME-02 /03 .MAR 2010
7GHz IP Microwave Radio Equipment TEC/TX/GR/HMR- 002/01.SEP-12
20 W/50W/100W/250W Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) 1+1 System operating in ku band TEC/GR/TX/SPA-002/01/MAR- 09
15 GHz 4X2 Mbps Integrated Digital Microwave equipment GR/DMW-15/02.DEC2004
2.7 GHz Synthesized Signal Generator (100 KHz – 2.7 GHz) GR/TIT-12/03.JUL 2004
Wireless Local Area Network TEC/GR/WS/WLAN-001/03/SEP-11
15 Meter Self Supporting Mast& amendment no. 1 dated 04.10.98 G/MST- 01/01.OCT96
55° K Low Noise Amplifier Subsystem operating in C- band and Ext-C-band GR No. GR/LNA- 03/03.JULY2007
Local Multipoint Distributionsystem in 10.5 GHz Frequency band GR/LMD-03/02. DEC 2006
GSM Base station Panel and Omni Antennas for (890-960 MHz, 1710-1880 MHz & 1920-2170 MHz) frequency bands GR/ANT-21/02OCT2006 (Supersedes GR/ANT-21/01 JAN
30 Meter Narrow Base Heavy Weight Tower GR/TWR- 05/01.DEC2000
Multi Channel Per Carrier Very Small Aperture Terminal (MCPC VSAT) operating in C band GR/MPC-01/06.Nov 06
18 GHz STM-1 Integrated Digital Microwave Equipment GR/DMW- 19/2.FEB 2007
SAR Measurement System TEC/GR-SAR-001/01/MAR- 2009
RF Coaxial Step Attenuators (dc to 18 GHz & dc to 4 GHz)(Amendment No. 1Dated: 06/07/2004) GR/TIT-14/03.JAN 2004
5.5m and 8m Earth Station Antenna Systems Operating in Ku band GR/SAN-11/03.FEB 2006
Intermediate Frequency Combiner / Divider TEC/GR/TX/CIF-001/03/JAN-09
40,30 & 20 meter Towers for Cellular Systems GR/TWR-11/01.DEC 2004
Microwave Power Meter(10 MHz to 18 GHz) G/TIT-04/03.APR 2004
13 GHz Wave Guide(Amendment No. 1Dated: 09/07/2004)(To be deleted) GR/FDR-05/04.DEC 2007 (Supersedes G/FDR- 05/03. J
Feeder Cable for C, Ext C Ku band Inter facility Downlink Feeder Cable GR/TX/SFC-001/03/FEB-09
18 GHz, 16 x 2 Mb/s Integrated Digital Microwave Equipment GR/DMW-03/05. JAN 2008
7 GHz High Performance Antenna GR/ANT-04/04.SEP 2006(SupersedesGR/ANT- 04/03.FEB
Spectrum Analyzer (1 MHz – 3.0 GHz)(Amendment No. 1Dated: 06/07/2004) TEC/GR/TX/SA-009/04. MAR 2010
Packet Microwave Radio Equipment (15, 18 & 23GHz ) TEC/GR/TX/PMR- 001/01.MAR-13
6 GHz Ultra High Performance Antenna TEC/GR/PI/ANT-015/03/NOV- 09
WLAN Controller TEC/GR/RS/WLAN-002/01 FEB 2017
1W to 20 W Ku band Satellite RF Transceivers (RFTs) GR/RFT-001/02.MAR 2009
15 GHz, STM-1, SDH Microwave Equipment GR/DMW-18/02.FEB 2007
34 Mbps Bandwidth Saving Satellite Modem TEC/GR/TX/BSM-02/01 MAR 14
800 AND 1900MHz Patch Panel Antenna (824- 894 MHz & 1880-1900 MHz) GR/ANT-18/02. MARCH.2011
Multi Path Fade Simulator GR/TIT-15/03. MAY 2005
WiFI Access Point TEC/GR/R/Wi-Fi-002/02.DEC-15
60 Meter Heavy Weight M/W Tower G/TWR-03/01. JAN2000
Intermediate Data Rate (IDR) Equipment in Ku band. GR/IDR-02 / 02. NOV06
INTEGRATED MICROWAVE EQUIPMENT for 4/8/16 E1 in 15 GHz and 23 GHz Frequency bands GR/DMW-01/01. SEP 2009
Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard for Telecommunication Equipment TEC/EMI/TEL-001/01/FEB-09 (Supersedes SD/EMI-02/0
Spectrum Analyzer(50MHz-40GHz) GR/TIT-21/02.APR 2007
Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment (DCME) with 5:1 and 10:1 gain GR/DME-01/03.SEP 2006
30 Meter Narrow Base Light Tower GR/TWR-07/01.DEC2002
Digital Satellite Phone System (DSPS) in Ku band GR/RRL-01/04.FEB 08
Portable VSAT Terminal TEC/GR/TX/PVT- 001/01.JAN-2011
11 GHz Wave Guide(Amendment No. 1Dated: 09/07/2004) to be deleted GR/FDR-01/04 .DEC 2007
1.2m VSAT antenna operating in C band. GR/SAN-16/02.MAY 2008
STM-1 Satellite Modem for Ku band TEC/GR/TX/STM-001/01/AUG- 08
30 Meter Guyed Wire Supporting Mast for Cellular Mobile System TEC/GR/PI/MST-014/01 AUG-2015
RF Step Attenuator(dc to 2.5 GHz )(Amendment No. 1Dated: 06/07/2004) GR/TIT-07/03. JAN 2004
Test Procedure for Measurement of Electromagnetic field from Base Station Antenna TEC/TP/EMF/001/02 OCT 2010
18 GHz High Performance Antenna TEC/GR/PI/ANT-009/04 MAR 2011.
400 W and 750 W TWTHigh Power Amplifiers Operating in Ku-band TEC/GR/R/HPA-001/01 MAR 2016
10W/20W Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) (1+1) System in C- band GR/SPA-01/03.DEC 2007
SDH, Integrated Microwave Equipment in 13 GHz band GR/DMW-11/03. SEP 2008
13 GHz High Performance Antenna GR/ANT-07/04. APR.2007(Supersedes G /ANT- 07/03.F
RF Fixed Coaxial Attenuators (2W & 5W)(Amendment No. 1Dated: 06/07/2004) GR/TIT-11/03.JAN 2004
L-Band Intermediate Data Rate (IDR) Modem for C and Ku Band TEC/GR/TX/IDR- 003/01.OCT-13
30°K/45°K Low Noise Amplifier system operating in C-band TEC/GR/TX/LNA- 06/03.NOV.2009
Local Multipoint Distributionsystem in 26 GHz Frequency band TEC/GR/R/LMDS-002/03.MAR 2016
11m Earth Station Antenna Systems operating in C band GR/SAN-01/03. MAR2007
Base station Antennas in 824- 894MHz,1880- 1900 MHz and 1920-2170 MHz Frequency Bands GR/ANT-20/02.JAN 2006(Supersedes GR/ANT- 20/01. S
RF Power Meter(50MHz-40GHz) TEC/GR/TX/RPM-019/03 MAR- 2010
30 Meter Narrow Base Heavy Weight Tower GR/TWR- 05/01.DEC2000
Long Distance Satellite Telephone (LDST) operating in C band GR/LST-01/04.MAY.2008
18 GHz Sub STM-1 Integrated Digital Microwave Equipment GR/DMW- 13/02.JAN2005
Cable & Antenna Analyser(for Base Station) GR/TIT-23/01 JUN 2005
1.8m and 2. 4m Earth Station Antennas operating in C-band GR/SAN-09/04 MAY 2007
2 Mbps Digital Echo Canceller GR/ECH-02/03. MAY.2007
60 Meter Narrow Base Light Weight Tower for Cellular Systems GR/TWR-10/01.NOV 2004
20W to 100W C-band Satellite Block up Converters TEC/GR/R/BUC-001/01 MAR 2016
Fibre to the Antenna TEC/GR/TX/FTA- 001/01/MAR-11
6 GHz Wave Guide G/FDR-04/04. FEB2007
Uplink Interfacility Waveguide for C, Ext-C & Ku band GR/TX/SWG-001/03/JAN-09
400W/700W High Power Amplifiers (1+) operating in C and Ext C band. TEC/GR/TX/HPA-001/01/JAN- 09
11GHz High Performance Antenna GR/ANT-03/04.APR 2007 (SupersedesG/ANT-03/03. FEB
Spectrum Analyser(1 MHz – 21 GHz)(Amendment No. 1Dated: 06/07/2004) GR/TIT-08/04. FEB 2008
13GHz IP Microwave Radio Equipment TEC/TX/GR/HMR- 003/01.SEP-12
Feeder cable for 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2.1 GHz/UMTS Frequency bands ( 890-960 MHz, 1710-1880 and 1920-2170 MHz) GR/FDR-13/02.SEP 2006
200W and 300W Solid State Power Amplifiers ( SSPAs) (1+1) System operating in C band GR/SPA-08/02.MAR.2006
23 GHz 4X2 Mbps Integrated Digital Microwave Equipment GR/DMW-17/02.DEC2004
11 GHz Ultra High Performance Antennas GR/ANT-16/02. MAY 2005(Supersedes G/ANT- 16/01. J
Return Loss Measurement Test Set(10 MHz-20 GHz)(Amendment No. 1Dated: 06/07/2004) GR/TIT-13/03.JAN 2004
RAN Optimization for Satellite Network TEC/TX/GR/RAN-001/01 MAR 14
WiFi Hotspot TEC/GR.RS/WiFi-001/02 FEB 2017
40 Meter Narrow Base Heavy Weight Tower GR/TWR-02/02.MAY 2004 (RA May 2008)
65°K /100°K Low Noise Amplifier system operating in Ku band TEC/GR/TX/LNA- 04/04.NOV.2009
Point to Multipoint Multi Frequency Broadband System for frequency bands of 10.5 & 26 GHz TEC/GR/RS/PMB-001/02 MAR2017
7m Earth Station Antenna Systems operating in C band GR/SAN-03/03. MAR. 2007
BTS Shelter TEC/GR/PI/BSH-01/02 SEPT.11
Frequency Counter(10Hz-40GHz) GR/TX/FC-020/03 MARCH.10
Radio Modem in ISM band GR/MOD-009/03 SEP 2012
20 Meter Narrow Base Heavy Weight Tower GR/TWR- 06/01.DEC2000
Mandatory technical Interface Requirements for Communication and Broadcast Networks in FSS IR/SCB-08/02.SEP09
7 GHz SDH STM-1 Microwave Equipment TEC/GR/TX/DMW- 12/03.JAN. 2011
Tower Mounted Amplifier (TMA) TEC/GR/TX/TMA-01/01 JAN 11
EMF Measuring Instrument TEC/TX/GR/EMI-001/02. SEPT.2011
Hybrid Microwave Radio Equipment in upper 6 GHz band TEC/GR/R/MWE-001/01. MAR 2015
3.8 m Earth Station Antenna Systems operating in C band GR/SAN-15/02, FEB. 2006
RF Power Combiner/Divider in C and Ku bands TEC/GR/TX/C/CRF- 001/03.MAR-09
40 Meter Guyed Wire Supporting Mast for Cellular Mobile System TEC/GR/PI/MST-015/01 AUG 2015
4.8 and 6.3 m Earth Station Antenna Operating in C-band TEC/GR/R/ANT-001/01 MAR 2016
6 GHz Wave Guide (Lower Band) GR/FDR-11/02.MAY2005
50W/100W/200W/300W Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) (1+1) System Operating TEC/GR/TX/SPA-08/03 OCT 09
SDH, STM-1 Microwave equipment in 6GHz and 11GHz frequency bands GR/DMW-09/04.NOV 2008
6 GHz High Performance Antenna TEC/GR/PI/ANT-006/05 DEC 2014
Synthesized signal Generator( 2GHz-20 GHz ), Amendment No.1 SEP 2012 GR/TIT-10/03.JUL 2004
23 GHz High Performance Antenna TEC/GR/PI/ANT- 022/01.NOV-13
IR on Mobile Radio Trunking Subscriber Unit TEC/IR/CP/MRT-002/01 DEC 2012
WIFI Access Point TEC/IR/R.WIFIAP/001/01 MAR-2015
IR on Mobile Radio Trunking Communication Equipment TEC/IR/WS/MRT-001/01 DEC 2012
Radio Modem in ISM band IR/MOD-010/03. SEP 2013
IR on WiFi CPE (USB) TEC/IR/WFU-001/01 DEC 2013
Blue tooth enabled terminal (Note: Certificate of Approval will be issued for Blue tooth Enabled Wireless Terminal against applicant specification) S/BET-01/01.MAY 2001
New Standard on Radio Devices in unlicensed band 2.4 GHZ SD/RAD-01/01.SEP 2005
Short-Message Service Centre for PSTN/ISDN GR/SMS-02/01.JAN2003
Telephony Application Server TEC/GR/SW/TAS-001/01/JUN-17
Fraud Management and Control Centre TEC/GR/SW/FMC-01/03/ MAR-10
ISDN Protocol Tester GR/IPT-01/02.APR2004
Diameter signalling Controller TEC/GR/SW/DSC- 001/01/MAR13
PSTN Call Generator GR/TCS-01/04 FEB 2003
Personalized Ring Back Tone System for PSTN GR/PRBT-01/01.SEP2006
Session Border Controller TEC/GR/SW/SBC-001/05/AUG-18
Air Raid Precaution Equipment (ARP) GR/ARP-01/02.OCT93
IP PABX with media gateway TEC/GR/SW/PBX-005/01/SEP-2016
Trunk Media Gateway TEC/GR/SW/TMG- 001/05 SEP 2016
IMS TISPAN Architecture TEC/GR/SW/ITA-001/02/ MAR-10
ISDN Network Termination (NT1) GR/NT1-01/03.MAY2005
Signalling Transfer Point (STP) TEC/GR/SW/STP- 001/04 OCT 2015
CDR Based Billing System for PSTN TD/CDR-01/01 DEC 01
Network Protocol Analyzer TEC/GR/SW/NPA- 001/01/JAN09
Electronic Key Sender (Push Button Dialler) G/PBD-01/02.AUG 94
Media Server TEC/GR/SW/MDS-001/02/ MAR 09
ISDN Handheld Tester GR/IHT-01/02.APR2004
IP Based Centrex System TEC/IPC-01/01 DEC 03
Intelligent Network System And Service Description GR/INS-01/04.MAR2006
SIP Application Server TEC/GR/SW/SAS-S01/02/ NOV2009
Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) for network connectivity TEC/GR/SW/PBX-001/02/OCT-17
Integrated Access Device TEC/GR/SW/IAD- 001/03 SEP-2016
Policy and Charging Rule Function TEC/GR/SW/PCF-001/01 MAR 14
Network Management System for Circuit Switched Network GR/NMC-01/01.APR2004
Lawful Interception System for PSTN / NGN / IMS TEC/GR/SW/LIS-001/04 JUN 2017
Large Size Digital Local cum Tandem Exchange (VOL.I & VOL II) GR/LLT-01/06.APR2007
Soft switch for Local & Transit Wire line Application TEC/GR/SW/NGN-LTS/02 FEB2013
Electronic Private Wire Relay Set (Physical & Channel) GR/ERS-01/02.AUG94
Signalling Gateway TEC/GR/SG/SGW-001/03/ JAN12
Voice Mail System (VMS) GR/VMS-01/02.APR2003
Monitoring Equipment for lawful interception of PSTN / NGN / IMS TEC/GR/SW/LIM-001/04 JUN 2017
Unified Messaging System GR/UMS-01/02.APR2005
Element Management System TEC/GR/SW/EMS-001/ 02/ NOV. 09
. Line Media Gateway TEC/GR/SW/LMG-001/02/ MAR 14
ISDN Customer Premises Equipment TEC/IR/SW/ICP-102/04/MAR-19
Network Interface for SBC TEC/IR/SW/NNI-SBC-101/03/AUG-18
ISDN Network Termination (NT1) TEC/IR/SW/NT1-102/04/MAR-19
Digital Exchange with 2048 Kbit/s Interface TEC/IR/NGS/2MB-001/03 DEC 14
Multifrequency Register Signalling TEC/IR/MFR-SIG/01/JAN-09
Interface Requirements for CCS7 TEC/IR/CCS-SIG/01/JAN-09
PABX for PSTN Connectivity TEC/IR/SW/PBX-104/04/OCT17
National TCAP Standards SD/CCS-05/01.MAY03
National Standards for H.248 SD/GCP-01/02 AUG.2008
National Common Channel Signalling Plan R/NSP-01/01.SEP 92
Nationals Standards for ISDN Basic Rate Access U-Interface SD/ISN-02/02.SEP2003
National Q3 Interface Standards SD/NQS-01/01.MAR2000
Intelligent Network Application Protocol (INAP) National Standards SD/INP-01/02.MAY2007
. ISDN User-Network Interface (S/T) National Standards SD/ISN-01/03.OCT2003
National Standards for SIP SD/SIP-01/01 SEP.2008
National CCS7 Standards for MTP and ISUP SD/CCS-02/03.JAN2000
National SCCP Standards SD/CCS-03/03.MAR 06
National Standard for V5.2 Interface TEC/SD/SW/VAN-SIG/03/ MAR.2010
NGN Subscribers TEC/SR/NSF-SU2/01/JAN- 09
Completion of Calls to Busy Subscriber(CCBS) SR/CBS-01/01.MAR2007
Analogue Subscribers SR/ASF-01/04.MAR.2008
Optical Fibre Splice Protection Sleeves TEC/GR/TX/PTS-01/03/JAN-2011
PON OTDR (Type-B) for FTTH Applications TEC/GR/TX/OTD-05/01/APR-2010
Armoured Optical Fibre Cable for Duct application (Type-I & Type-II) TEC/GR/TX/OFC-20/01/MAR-2011
Composite Optical Test instrument TEC/GR/TX/COI-001/03.NOV.2013
STM-4 Synchronous Multiplexer for TM, ADM & Multi-ADM Applications TEC/GR/TX/SDH-010/03.JAN.2011
Termination Box for Optical Fiber Cables (Metal Free and Armoured) TEC/GR/TX/FTB-01/03/MAY-2010
Optical Variable Attenuator (Type-A & Type-B) TEC/GR/TX/OPA-001/04.OCT.2014
SDH-based Digital Cross Connect system with 40G, 60G & 80G capacities GR/DXC-02/03.MAR.2009
High Count Armoured Optical Fibre Cable (Ribbon Type For Access Network) GR/OFC-06/01.JAN.2001
Optical Fibre Jumpers (Type-I to Type-IV) & Adaptors (Type-I to Type-IV) and Hybrid Jumpers (Type-I to Type-VI) & Hybrid Adapters (Type-I to Type-VI) TEC/GR/TX/OFJ-01/05/NOV-09
Multi-Service Optical Transport Network (OTN) platform with DWDM bearer transport system for Metro and Core Network applications TEC/GR/TX/OTN-001/01/MAR-13
Optical Fibre Splicing Machine for Ribbon Fibre TEC/GR/TX/OSM-002/03/SEP-12
Next Generation SDH Transport Network Tester @ STM-1/4/16 Rates at 1310 & 1550nm & STM- 64 Rates at 1550nm wavelengths TEC/GR/TX/SDA- 003/02/ APR- 2010
Self Supporting Metal Free Aerial Optical Fibre Cable (For Urban areas) TEC/GR/TX/OFC-012/02/APR-18
Remote Fibre Monitoring System TEC/GR/TX/RFM-001/02.MAR.2015
Ethernet Media Converter TEC/GR/TX/EMC-001/02/SEP-12
Metal free Optical Fibre Cable (G.652 D Fibre),with Amendment No. 1 dated 21.05.12 GR/OFC-17/01.JUN.2007
High Precision Cleaver for Ribbon Fibre TEC/GR/TX/OCR-001/03/DEC-15
Ethernet Traffic Analyser up to 10G (Hand Held) TEC/GR/TX/ETA-007/01/MAR-16
2 Mb/ s Versatile Multiplexer TEC/GR/TX/ANE-001/05.SEP.11
ADSS Optical Fibre Cable for laying along Power line alignments (Errata No. 1 dated 11/09/17) TEC/GR/TX/OFC-022/02/MAR-17
Multi-wavelength meter GR/MWM-01/01.DEC.2002
STM-64 Synchronous Multiplexer at bit rates for (TM & ADM) for Metro Applications TEC/GR/TX/SDH-007/02.JAN.2011
Armoured Optical Fibre Cable for Direct Burial (Underground) GR/OFC-02/03.SEP.2003
Integrated Fibre Termination and Distribution System GR/FTD-01/01.SEP.2003
Optical Talk Set TEC/GR/TX/OPT-001/05.OCT.2014
Ethernet Traffic Analyzer for Ethernet Transport Service Testing – Hand-held model TEC/GR/TX/ETA-004/02.FEB.2015
Non Zero Dispersion Shifted Single Mode Armoured Optical Fibre Cable GR/OFC-08/01.AUG.2001
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (Type-I) (1310 nm & 1550 nm wavelength) for Long Haul Applications TEC/GR/TX/OTD-01/04/APR-2010
STM-1/4/16/64 and Standalone STM-64 SDH Analyzer with Jitter and Wander GR/SDA-05/02.FEB.2009
Flexible Optical Fibre Cable (For Indoor Applications) GR/OFC-14/01.AUG.2005
Raw Materials used in Manufacturing of Optical Fibre Cable No. TEC/GR/TX/ORM-01/04/ SEP-09 with Errata No. 1 dated 25.03.11, Amendment No. 1 dated 28.03.13 and Errata No. 2 dated 30.05.13 TEC/GR/TX/ORM-01/04/ SEP-09
PON OTDR (Type-A) for FTTH Applications TEC/GR/TX/OTD-04/01/APR-2010
Digital Distribution Frame TEC/GR/TX/DDF-001/05/SEP-12
Optical Fibre Cable for FTTH application (G.657 A Fibre), Amendment No. 1 dated 28.08.08 GR/OFC-19/01.FEB 2009
Tools for Installation & Operation of OFC & for Assembly of Optical Fibre Splice Closures GR/OFT-01/03.APR.2006
40/80 Channel Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Equipment with Channel Bit-rates up to 10Gbps for Core/Metro Network Applications TEC/GR/TX/WDM-010/01/DEC-16
STM-1 Synchronous Multiplexer TEC/GR/TX/SDH-004/04.JAN.2011
Fibre Distribution Management System (Type I, Type-II & Type-III), with Amendment No 1 dated 02.05.12 GR/FDM-01/02.APR.2007
Optical Fixed Attenuator (Type-A & Type-B) TEC/GR/TX/OPA-003/03.OCT.2014
64 Kb/s Cross Connect with 2048 Kb/s access Port GR/DTC-01/03.AUG.2008
High Count Metal free Optical Fibre Cable (Ribbon Type for Access Network) GR/OFC-05/02.MAR.2006
Installation Accessories and fixtures of Self Supporting Metal free Optical Fibre Cable TEC/GR/TX/OAF-001/03/MAR-17
Optical Fibre Splicing Machine TEC/GR/TX/OSM-001/04/SEP-12
Ethernet Traffic Analyser 100G (Hand Held) TEC/GR/TX/ETA-008/01/MAR-19
10G Ethernet Traffic Analyzer for Ethernet Transport Service Testing GR/ETA-06/01.SEP.2008
Optical fibre cable for Coastal Areas & High sub soil water condition GR/OFC-10/01.FEB.2004
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (Type-II) (1550 nm & 1625 nm wavelength) for Long Haul Applications TEC/GR/TX/OTD-03/02/APR-2010
Optical Transport Network (OTN) Analyzer TEC/GR/TX/OTA- 001/02.MAR.2014
Micro Duct Optical Fibre Cable GR/OFC-16/01.JUL.2005
Optical Fibre Splice Protection Sleeves for Optical Fibre Ribbon TEC/GR/TX/PTS-02/03/JAN-2011
Riser Optic Fiber Cable (For indoor Applications) TEC/GR/TX/OFC-025/01/MAR-17
PON Power Meter (For FTTH applications) TEC/GR/TX/OPM-03/01/APR-2010
Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) Cable (For laying on Power lines) TEC/GR/TX/OFC-21/01/SEP-11
Composite Optical Test Instrument (Power Meter & Light Source) TEC/GR/TX/COI-002/02.NOV.2013
STM-16 Synchronous Multiplexer for TM, ADM & Multi-ADM Applications TEC/GR/TX/SDH-008/03.JAN.2011
Metal Free Optical Fibre Cable GR/OFC-01/04.SEP.2003
Fibre Termination and Distribution Box (For FTTH applications) TEC/GR/TX/FTB-02/02/APR-2010
Optical Power meter (Type-A & Type-B) TEC/GR/TX/OPM-001/04.NOV.2013
Optical-Electrical-Optical (O-E-O) based Digital Cross-Connect (DXC) Equipment with Automatic Switched Optical Network (ASON) Capability GR/DXC-03/02.SEP.2008
Non Zero Dispersion Shifted Single Mode Metal Free Optical Fibre Cable TEC/GR/TX/OFC-007/03/DEC-15
Splice Closure for Optical Fibre Cables TEC/GR/TX/OJC-002/03/APR- 2010
Aerial Drop Optical Fibre Cable (For Last Mile Application) TEC/GR/TX/OFC-024/01/MAR-15
Optical Fibre Splicing Machine (Portable) TEC/GR/TX/OSM-003/03/DEC-16
STM-1/4/16/64 and Standalone STM-64 SDH Analyzer without Jitter and Wander GR/SDA-04/02.FEB.2009
Outdoor Drop Optical Fibre Cable (Figure 8 Type) with Installation Accessories GR/OFC-13/01.SEP.2005
Mechanical Splice For Optical Fibres TEC/GR/TX/OMS-01/02/NOV-09
Stabilised Light Source Type-A (1310 nm wavelength), Type-B (1550 nm wavelength) & Type-C (Dual wavelength) TEC/GR/TX/SLS-001/04.NOV.2013
Synchronous Supply Unit GR/SSU-001/04. MAR 12
Non–Zero Dispersion Optical Fibre Cable for Wideband Optical Transport (G.656 Fibre) GR/OFC-18/01.NOV 2008
Hot Jacket Remover for Ribbon Fibre TEC/GR/TX/OJR-001/03/DEC-15
40/80 Channel Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Equipment with Channel Bit-rates up to 100Gbps for Core/Metro Network Applications TEC/GR/TX/WDM-009/01/MAR-16
2 Mb/s PCM Multiplexing Equipment GR/PCM-02/04.MAR.2009
Fibre Distribution Frames TEC/GR/TX/FDF-01/02/MAY-2010
Optical Dispersion Analyzer GR/ODA-01/01.MAR.2007
40/80 Channel Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Equipment with Channel Bit-rates up to 40Gbps for Core Network Applications TEC/GR/TX/WDM-007/01/ APR- 2010
Self Supporting Metal Free Aerial Optical Fibre Cable (For Hilly & Rural Area) TEC/GR/TX/OFC-003/04/APR-18
FDMS (Outdoor) for Optical Fibre Cables (Ribbon & non-Ribbon) TEC/GR/TX/FDM-003/01/MAR-12
Optical Spectrum Analyser GR/OSA-01/02.AUG.2007
Aerial Optical Fibre Drop Cable for FTTH applications (For Short span) TEC/GR/TX/OFC-026/01/APR-18
Ethernet Traffic Analyzer for Ethernet Transport Service Testing – Table-top model GR/ETA-05/01.DEC.2007
Optical Fibre Cable for Concrete surfaces GR/OFC-09/01.MAY.2004
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (Mini) (Type-A & Type-B) GR/OTD-02/03.MAR 2009
Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) Analyzer GR/WDA-01/02.FEB.2009
Optical Fibre Drop Cable with Installation Accessories GR/OFC-15/01.AUG.2005
Interface Requirement for interchange of Digital Signals at 2, 8, 34, 45 & 140 Mb/s ports TEC/IR/TX/DMX-007/02/SEP-12
Interface Requirement for interchange of Ethernet Signals between different Networks, with Errata No. 1 dated 16.05.2017 TEC/IR/TX/ETH-008/01/JUN-12
Interface Requirements for interchange of STM-1, STM-4 and STM-16, STM-64 & STM-256 signals between different networks. TEC/IR/TX/DMX‑006/04/MAR-18

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