India Certification made easy

With its many independent authorities and processes, the certification landscape in India is quite a challenge to navigate. Do you need AIS/TAC, BIS, TEC, WPC, CDSCO or PESO registration or want to find out whether you need it? With us as your professional partner you can safely and easily obtain your India certification.

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AIS – Automotive Industry Standard

India Certification is an excellent partner for the AIS/TAC certification in the automotive sector. We are providing leading automotive suppliers and car manufacturers with quick and smart solutions for their TAC certification. We offer you our support for every project related to the Automotive AIS.

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BIS – Bureau of Indian Standards

India Certification is an excellent partner for the BIS certification for electronic products. The list of products requiring accreditation is extended regularly. We are providing leading manufacturers with quick and smart solutions for their India certification. With us you will navigate the Indian certification landscape safely.

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TEC – Telecommunication Engineering Center

India Certification is an excellent partner for the TEC certification for telecom equipment. Certification requirements change constantly and the list of products that require TEC approval is extended regularly. We will identify certification requirements of your product and make sure that you will obtain your TEC registration swiftly and reliably.

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WPC – Wireless Planning & Coordination Commission

India Certification is an excellent partner for the WPC certification for wireless products. We will clarify if certification is necessary for your product and if yes, what test requirements exist. We will ensure that tests are conducted correctly and that you will obtain your WPC registration swiftly and reliably.

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Other services

We offer many other certifications and services for the Indian and many other markets. Whether one of the certifications for the Automotive, Electronics or Telecommunications industries, the approval for a medical product, or even just a temporary shipment for other purposes: We support you throughout the entire process.

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India Certification provides a range of specialized consulting services, especially for car manufacturers and large industrial companies. With the consulting packages the certifications as well as internal procedures related to international product certifications can be streamlined.

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India Certification offers customized certification training to fit your company needs. Our trainer will come to your location and provide the training, up to date information and pass on valuable tips from our many years of experience. Call us today to learn more!

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About us

Since 2005, India Certification (MPR International GmbH) has been supporting companies around the world in obtaining the required product certifications for the Asian markets. With a strong team located worldwide, we can offer you the best solution for your enquiries.

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WPC Certification Mandatory Products

Here is a list of products for which the WPC Accreditation is mandatory.

For more information regarding the WPC registration, please read our free information booklet “WPC Certification – The Booklet“.

Feel free to also contact us via E-Mail or phone if you have any question or are in need of more information.

– Circulation
– Combiner
– Directional Coupler
– From Prueba
– Duplexer
– Bandpass filter
– Band Rejector Filter
– Trans Line. coaxial
– Mounting Equipment


– Cassegrain Ant For C Band
– Cassegrain_Antenna
– Earth_Station_Antena
– Fly_Away_Antenna
– Gps Antenna
– Mobile Antenna
– Mobile Tv Broadcast Anten
– Omni
– Parabolic Antenna
– Sattellite_Communica_Ant
– Sectorial
– Tracking Ant Ku Band
– Tvro Antenna
– Uhf_ Antenna
– Vsat_ Antenna

Associated System:

– Accessories
– Amplitude Slope Equaliser
– Antenna Control Unit
– Booster
– Bsc
– Bt System Selector
– C Band Switch
– C Band Up Converter
– Cdma Antenna
– Cdma Fx Wl Ph/Terminal
– Convertors
– Crossover Waveguide
– Dfts Channel
– Dsng_Encoder
– Encoder
– Eplrs
– Extended C Band Twta
– Feed
– Gsm Antenna
– High Power Amplifier
– If & Rf Converter Switch
– Int_Rec_Decoder
– Ku Band Upconverter
– Ku Switch
– L Band Divider
– L Band Splitter
– L-Band Up/Dn Converter
– M&C Uplink Power Control
– Main Switching Office
– Monitor & Control Sub Sys
– Monitor And Control Switch
– Mw Antenna
– Power Supply Unit
– Receiver Cage
– Reconfigure Earth Station
– Rf_Synthesizer
– Satellite_Modulator
– Switch & Cobiner N/W
– Tcas-Ii
– Test Coupler Carrier Mon
– Tmb Control Unit
– Tower Mount Booster
– Tvro Acu
– Twta Switch
– Tx Crossover Waveguide
– Tx Test Coupler
– Vsat_Equipment
– Weather Logging System

Directional Radio Microwave Link:

– Equipment E/R Fh
– Fh-Default


– Coax Fh
– Equipment
– 0 Feeder-Default
– Ils

– JCD 56


Network Object Type:

– Base Telecommande
– Bsc Equipment
– Management Center
– Secondary switch
– Radio Channels Switch
– Multi-Track Recorder
– High End Nms
– Msc Equipement
– Outbound Rack
– Synchronizaion Module

Passive Reflectors:

– Reflector default

Radio Navigational Apparatus:

– Antenna Tuning Unit
– Cockpit Voice Recorder
– Fms
– Ground Proximity System
– Navigation Managemen
– Non Directional Beacon
– Radar
– Radio Altimeter
– Weather Radar


– Auto Direction Finder
– C Band Lnb
– C D Portable Receiver
– Camera
– Communication Receiver
– Digital Tracking Receiver
– Dual Receiver Board
– Extended C Band Lna
– Glidepath Receiver
– Glideslope Receiver
– Global Position System
– Gsm Cellphones
– If Redundancy Switch
– Ku Lnb
– Localiser
– Marker Receiver
– Mat. Reception
– Navigation_Receiver
– Navtex Receiver
– Pll Low Noise Blk Convert
– Receptor
– Reply Base Station
– Rfid_Reader
– Telemetry Receiver
– Tvro Feed System
– Vhf Omni Range
– Vhf_Am_Receiver


– Amplifier
– Atc Transponder
– Automatic Transceiver
– Auto_Identifi_System
– Bts
– Cellular Repeater
– Compact Mv Radar System
– Data Protocol Server
– Demodulator
– Dme Interrogator
– Drm Laptop Receiver
– Drm Multi-Pro Multiplexer
– Drm Rf Exciter/Modulator
– Egpus
– Eqp E/R Fh2
– Equipement Fh Numerique
– Equipment
– Flexihooper
– Fwp
– Global Navigation System
– Gps Fre And Time Standard
– Gps/Gprs-Vt System
– Hf Transceiver
– Inmarsat
– Ip Encapsulator
– Jcd
– Jcd22
– Mat. Electrique
– Mat_Lib_Tdi
– Meter Reader Instrument
– Mobile
– Modem
– Modulateur
– Mw Radio
– Mw_Transreceiver
– Nintendo Ds
– Nintendo Ds Lite
– Pdh
– Radar Transponder
– Radio Altimeter
– Radio Telephone
– Reply_Keypad
– Safety System
– Sat Hub Com Equipment
– Sat_Com
– Tcas Transponder
– Transcoder
– Transponder
– Uhf Transceiver
– Uhf_ Rfid_ Tag
– Vhf Transceiver
– Vsat_Transceiver
– Wi-Fi Equipment
– Wireless Lan
– Wireless Mesh Node


– Bucs_ Ku_ Band
– C Band Transmitter
– Cospas Transmitter
– D W Camera Transmitter
– Distance Measuring Equip
– Dvb Modulator
– D_Cam
– Emergency Locator Transmitter
– Fwt
– Hf Transmitter
– Homing Transmitter
– Ku Band Hpa
– Medium Power Amplifier
– Mw Transmitter
– Navigational
– S Band Transmitter
– Solid State Power Amp
– Uhf Transmitter
– Uhf_ Fm _Transmitter
– Uhf_Tv_Transmitter
– Vhf Transmitter
– Vhf_Am_Transmitter
– Vhf_Fm_Transmitter
– Vhf_Tv_Transmitter
– Vlf Transmitter
– Wireless Access Point
– Wireless Adapter
– Wireless Endpoint
– Wireless Router