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The Indian PESO has presented guidelines for the formulation of environmentally friendly fireworks to the industry

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Indian Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) presented the new guidelines for the formulation of environmentally friendly fireworks to the Supreme Court in early March 2019. Corresponding details will be made available to manufacturers from March. The research on an improved composition of fireworks was a joint effort of the Research Association of Science and Industry (CSIR), the National Research Institute for Environmental Engineering and manufacturers of fireworks and its basic materials. In tests by the PESO with the new formulations, a reduction in particulate matter (PM2.5) of up to 30 percent was achieved.

According to the PESO, the products with the new formulations will be released at the end of April 2019. Production of the fireworks will then start in May. Due to a decision by the Indian government, barium nitrate is no longer permitted as an oxidizing agent; instead, potassium nitrate can still be used. The PESO has conducted successful tests together with manufacturers of fireworks and about 200 manufacturers have signed a MoU to use the new formulations.

However, many undeclared or illegal manufacturers do not carry out quality control of their products. This poses a safety risk to both production and consumers and increases environmental and air pollution, according to a PESO spokesperson. A control system is to be introduced in which the PESO checks the raw material, the production as well as the finished products and provides them with a seal respectively a barcode or QR code. This would make it possible to identify forgeries and the country of origin, India or abroad, beyond any doubt. A court has also banned the production, sale and burning of firework batteries or connected fireworks on the reason that they cause enormous air pollution, noise and waste. The court also mentioned that the noise and smoke emissions of all fireworks must be approved by the PESO. The Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) is a subordinate organisation of the Indian Ministry of Trade and Industry. The PESO certification describes the approval program for machines or products that work with gases or explosive substances or are used in their production. Find out in good time and we will check for you without obligation whether your product is subject to approval.

Here you will find further information on our PESO full service package.

We would be pleased to support you with PESO certification and are also available to answer your questions at any time. Send us an email or call us at +49-69-2713769261.

Julian Busch

About the author: Julian Busch is the founder and managing director of MPR International GmbH

Publisher: MPR International GmbH

Tel.: +49 69 271 37 69 261

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