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Proposals for new products requiring BIS certification

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The lists of products that fall under the mandatory certification of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) have been published in phases since 2012. The lists were already foreseen in 2012, but were to enter into force adjusted in response to previous experience. In this way, the Indian government is trying to ensure that the advancing standardization of its product quality requirements meets international market requirements.

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Consequently, these lists have been updated regularly ever since. After the third phase was published in 2017, the government now wants to launch phase IV. To this end, it has brought into public discussion a list of products to be subject to BIS certification in Phase IV, which has been adapted and updated in the light of experience to date.

The following product groups are included in this updated list:

Sl. No. Item Indian Standard
01. LED Modules IS 16103
02. Lighting Chains (Rope Lights) IS 10322
03. Keyboards IS 13252
04. Induction Stoves IS 302-2-6
05. Automatic Teller Cash dispensing machines IS 13252
06. Hard Disk Drives (External) IS 13252
07. Solid State Storage Devices (above 256 GB & External) IS 13252
08. Electric Musical Systems with i/p power>50W IS 616
09. Switch Mode Power Supplies with o/p power 48 V (max) IS 13252
10. Television other than Plasma/ LCD/LED TVs IS 616

One of the noteworthy changes of this phase is that now stereo and other music systems of 50W and above are also subject to certification, not only systems of 200W and above. In addition, LEDs for lighting purposes must be certified, while built-in LEDs for non-lighting purposes are exempted. In contrast, many products such as desktop computers, internal hard drives, speakers and some other products have been removed from the original list.

This list is still only provisional and for now left to public discussion. An update may be expected in 2021.

BIS certification is required for many industrial and consumer electronic products. Factory inspections are also required for some products.

If you would like to know which approval requirements in India your products are subject to, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone at +49-69-271 37 69 261. We will make sure that all your certification needs are covered.

Julian Busch

About the author: Julian Busch is the founder and managing director of MPR International GmbH

Publisher: MPR International GmbH

Tel.: +49 69 271 37 69 261

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