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Indian companies are increasingly working in cloud environments

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Half of all Indian companies will be working in so-called hybrid multi-cloud environments by 2021. This is the result of a study by market researchers from International Data Corporation (IDC). In addition, 95 percent of those surveyed plan to increase their spending on setting up and using cloud solutions in the next 12 months. Companies in India view the cloud as a key strategy for achieving their business goals, according to an analyst from IDC. The challenge is to combine different systems and providers into a single application.


IDC’s technical consultants therefore see the following scenario for buyers and suppliers and cloud services for the next three years. By 2021, distributed and individual cloud solutions will dominate. Half of the companies rely on company-owned storage and data centers, some public services and outdated technologies in their IT infrastructure. By the end of 2022, there will be a so-called multicloud management. 30 percent of the companies use virtual machines (VMs), Kubernetes and other similar solutions.

By 2023, development will have progressed so far that a third of all Indian companies will be working with hyper-agile apps in the cloud. They will rely on container virtualization in hybrid or multicloud environments for flexible and smooth application. “Cloud management is a challenge,” said Senior Market Analyst Shende of IDC India. “Companies need partners for training and hiring staff. The market in India is demanding consistent and standardized automated cloud solutions, both hardware and software. This could save time and money for skilled workers and corporate decision makers,” Shende added. Cloud equipment manufacturers should look into TEC certification, which is required for telecommunications equipment. Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC) TEC certification is a mandatory product registration for certain products in the Indian market.

Here you can find information about our service package and the TEC certification process.

We will be happy to assist you with TEC accreditation and are also available to answer any questions you may have. Call us directly (+ 49-69-2713769261) or send us an E-mail.

For further information on TEC certification, please read our free information package “TEC Certification – The Booklet“.

Information on the certification of vehicle components can be found here: AIS/TAC Certification.

Julian Busch

About the author: Julian Busch is the founder and managing director of MPR International GmbH

Publisher: MPR International GmbH

Tel.: +49 69 271 37 69 261

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